Grilled Mind

by Huge Pupils

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12" vinyl version coming soon on Underdog Pop Records

Cassette version coming soon on Wallflower Records


released October 13, 2014

Sean-drums, synths, vocals
Bryan-bass, guitar, vocals
Recorded by Joe Plourde at the Silent Barn
Mixed by Scott Andrews in various places
Not mastered yet but Joe Plourde is gonna do that too
Artwork by Zack Milliron



all rights reserved


Huge Pupils Old Tappan, New Jersey

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Track Name: Evil Divisions
If I ask this girl to marry me will we transcend our family trees?
Suicide and tragedy, divinities with brain disease.

If my wife should have to bury me in the shade of our family tree,
flowers grow beneath her feet, I hear her steps so beautifully

Evil divisions, mystic decisions.
Track Name: Last Song
So many people, so close together
I fear I might be stuck in here forever
And I don't care about the weather
So many people, so close together

Stay away from me, you're breathing down my neck.
I know half of you are just here to have sex.
I'm having a panic attack I need a Xanax.
Go home and overdose on fucking Windex.
Track Name: New Romantics
I just wanna take you to the movies, drive around and maybe get some smoothies.
I don't mind spending all my time with you, I'll go anywhere you want me to.

I would take you anywhere you wanna go, to a 3-D movie or to a show.
I just wanna be where you wanna be, when we are together I'm in ecstasy.
Track Name: Record Store
I knew a guy who owned a record store, he had to shut the shop before he could sell all his inventory and he don't like to tell the story cuz it's a soft spot in his fragile psychotic.
Track Name: Stoned Alone
Stoned alone again.
I don't have many friends.
And when the day ends,
I get stoned alone again

I don't mind keeping time away from me; to truly be.

Stoned alone, again.
Track Name: Shitheel
How does it feel to be a shitheel?
What'll you eat when there's one last meal?
How does it feel to leave your land?
Snuffing out the fires, pack up all the things that we can.

Stumble to the backyard, throwing up post-haste.
Grandpa's in the graveyard no one can remember his face.

How does it feel to be a man?
Mother is crying since you revealed your plan.
How do you see into a ghost?
Looking to the west as the red sun sets on the coast.
Track Name: Trigger Warning
What are you stupid?
What are you gay?
Watch what you're typing.
Watch what you say.

Trigger warning.

What are you ugly?
What are you queer?
We don't take kindly
to your type around here.
Track Name: Grilled Mind
Twin Peaks on VHS at night.
Something in my life isn't right.
Distance yourself from all your brothers.
Differ so much from all the others.
Bury yourself beneath the covers.
Track Name: Untitled
Track Name: Velvet Eyes
Here within you, there without you.
I don't care to live without you.

I don't want to sympathize, talk down or comprimise.
Look in my velvet eyes, one day you'll realize.

Here within you, there without you.
It's not hard to care about you.
When will you see that within me,
is the person I want to be.